Take a proactive approach to maintaining high performance inverters!​

​Bold Renewables offers Preventive Maintenance options for high performance inverter longevity to maximize solar power generation. With phone support and coast to coast on-site service across North America, Bold Renewables is ready help to protect your investment.

Filter Replacement

Blower & Fan Replacement

Thermal Imaging

From fan and filter replacement, to thermal imaging inspection, our experts can provide a wide variety of proactive services for your fleet!​

  • ​Maximize uptime and power generation​
  • Eliminate maintenance cost variability​
  • Leverage Bold Renewables’ experienced support staff to keep your fleet working at its best​
  • Customized programs to fit your business’ needs (contact us for a quote)​
  • Specialized tests and diagnostics, including thermal scans​
  • Time dependent component replacement​
  • Comprehensive inspection report

View Our Updated Preventive Maintenance Requirements for 35-500TX, May 2021

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